We hope you are feeling fresh and energised as we are about to rock your world by offering you to check out 4 different partner workout videos, that you can find below. While some videos have gathered variety of different buddy exercises, others are something more like a complete workout session that you can try out yourselves right away. Just go on see for yourself which exercises you will try next time with your gym pal!

Lets kick off with 90 options that you can use in your workout session with your buddy. Some of these 90 exercises are great examples which show that it is easy to transform individual exercises into partner-exercises. For example, among the many exercises you can find a demonstration of PARTNER BURPEES, PARTNER LEG RAISES as well as PARTNER SITUPS and many others.

Moving on, here is a video that is perfect for those who like to follow a complete workout routine. It is 20 minutes long and does not require any equipment. If you might think that it is hard to follow up, as the trainers are switching between exercises along the timer- this is not the case! The trainer explains the technique along the way and exercises can be adjusted to both female and male, as it displays below.

The following video combines 23 partner exercises whereas some might require some extra space. Also many of them require equipment such as resistance rope and light weight ball. These exercises are great because they are a bit different from the traditional ones such as partner squats or lunges. Therefore browse through the video below and find what suits you and your partner the best.

The last video that we would like to share with you is full with ‘fun’ and casual bootcamp type of workout exercises. This video contains 38 exercises that are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. As you can see in the video below, many exercises are completed in a playful atmosphere while some of them might not be suitable for serious partner workout sessions. But hey, isn’t it a good idea to brighten up your routine once in a while by trying out some joyful exercises and bonding with your partner even more?

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