A recent study found that new mothers who had fitness partners got more exercise than mothers with no partner support. Another study suggested that college students were significantly more likely to be active if they had the social support of their friends and/or family.

A third study found that just a phone call might help motivate someone to exercise more. People who received motivating phone calls were more likely to increase their level of physical activity after three months than people who didn’t receive the calls.

Why are people more likely to exercise if they have a supporter?

Having a fitness partner can motivate you to workout even when you don’t want to simply because you know someone is counting on you. Exercising with a fitness partner is also a great way to socialize. Instead of dreading your daily workout, you’ll find yourself looking forward to catching up with your friend.

Another benefit is that a fitness partner makes it less intimidating to join a gym, try a new class, or learn a new sport. Your friend can give you the courage to take that kickboxing class you’ve had your eye on or head to that hiking trail you’ve always wanted to try.

Finally, it’s safer to workout with someone. If you injure yourself on a run, for instance, your partner can find you the help you need.

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