As we all know, partner workouts can bring quite a few benefits for the participants. One of such is being able to share new routines with each other.

By doing so you can increase the variety of the exercises, which leads to more exciting, surprising and challenging workout session with your pal.

Completing new exercises make you work harder and stay focussed longer. As the routine program gets well known within few sessions, the effectivity and effort to complete it reduces after some time. On top of that, when the body gets used to certain movements it is not burning as much calories as it did in the beginning.

With that said, it is clear that you should increase the intensity of the workout over time as well as change the type of exercises that you are doing now!

Check out different workout routines that you can use with your partner below.
We hope you will enjoy them as much as we are!

Partners working together workout

Switching partner roles workout

30-day Ab challenge for you and your gym-pal


General partner workout

General partner workout



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