We people use so many different muscle building supplements which enhances our performance in gym and help us build more muscles. But have you ever thought that a perfect gym partner could be much better than all these supplements, could help you build more muscle than any of these supplements.

Both (gym partners) helps each other in many ways like performing forced reps for higher intensity training, prevent any kind of accidents by helping in workout, motivation and many more things which are a must have things for a perfect workout. Below you will find a list with points about why and what kind of gym partner you should pick.

Similar Thoughts

Two gym partners with similar thoughts has many advantages, like if both of them love to train hardcore then training sessions become really enjoyable as both of them perform workout in a hardcore style. In the same way, some other combinations of gym partner are possible like 2 people with stamina focused training or general fitness focused training etc. Great examples of gym partners with similar thoughts are Branch Warren and Jonnie Jackson trains together at metroflex gym, USA. These guys are bodybuilders (IFBB Pro) with mentality of super hardcore training, they train like crazy, motivate each other, try every possible technique to push their intensity level even higher.

6th sense

6th senses refers to the ability of identifying, when your partner needs support before he/she actually need support. Giving support is an art, you can learn it by spending some time in gym and helping out people by providing support. Just imagine the situation when you are curling the dumbbell and you get an internal feeling that next repetition need support but the difficult lift didn’t allowed you to inform your partner to help you for next lift but the magic is he/she knows you need support in this lift and automatically helps you, that’s called 6th sense but it takes time to get this understanding between gym partners.

Provide motivation

Motivation is a big factor in gym. If you lift 6 repetitions on your own then an extraordinary motivation can help you lift 2-3 more repetition SELF (don’t forget the safety). Now question arises – Who will provide this motivation? The answer is simple – Your gym partner. Motivation really helps to raise intensity level of your workout, don’t miss this ingredient in your recipe.

Always on time

When you are heading to gym, tons of thoughts come in mind like today I am going to lift that much weight, going to lift that dumbbell etc (when you really like to go). But when you reach gym and your partner is shortly arriving, you wait for few minutes, still he didn’t came, now all that energy and focus which you came with in gym is demolished and then you see, your partner is entering gym explaining some silly excuse. This situation simply kills your workout. Solutions are – Simply choose a partner who come on time, simply fix a time like 5.00 pm and reach at that time and if your partner didn’t reach the gym within 5-10 min. then you start your workout, if he comes late, that’s his penalty, not yours. Also communicate with each other if there is any change in time as you already know whether your partner is coming late or not going to come, this keeps your mood on…

Matching strength

Consider your partner can bench up to 50 kg and you have the strength of lifting more than 100 kg, In this situation, you have to unload 50 kg every time so your partner can perform a set, this loading and unloading weights itself become an exercise which is unwanted. So choosing a partner whose strength matches yours, will be a smarter idea. Age and gender are two more factors which should be kept in mind, like if you compare girls strength with boys, girls will definitely lift much lighter weights, so its better that boys trains with boys and vice versa. Age factor is also important while choosing your gym partner, prefer people with same age group as they have similar social, professional and personal life which helps to understand each others problems, also workout vary for different age groups.

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