Perhaps the single most important component to a successful bodybuilding endeavor is the training partner. Here are some few ideas as to not only be a good partner but to pick a good partner.

Be On Time

We all have things to do before and after our gym time. But no one wants to spend that time waiting on a partner to show up. Being punctual not only demonstrates respect for the other person but also shows that you are reliable.


Another ingredient in becoming the perfect training partner is consistency. Show up every day. Most people will have a three-on, one-off; two-on type schedule or a five or six consecutive day schedule. It is of utmost importance to be there if you are scheduled to work out.


Friendship helps to keep a workout relationship honest, fair, and productive. Friends are more likely to correct you on your form or tell you that you are too fat and need to lose more weight before the show. The friendship you develop in the gym is one that helps to inspire and push you. These are the people that will do whatever it takes to help you through both physical difficulties and emotional difficulties.

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