A gym buddy offers motivation to help boost your workouts, whether you’re focusing on strength training, endurance or another exercise goal. Having someone else rely on you to show up at the gym makes you less likely to skip workouts. Your gym partner also offers a spotter for certain exercises.

If he is more knowledgeable about exercising, he may offer insight into improving your workout routine. Finding the right gym buddy takes some consideration.

Step 1

Assess your current level of fitness. Write down your goals for your gym workouts. Keep these goals in mind when considering gym partners. Choose a partner who can help you achieve those goals.

Step 2

Narrow down what you want out of your gym buddy. You may simply want someone to work out with you to make it more enjoyable. Other reasons may include accountability, spotting, inspiration or instruction on your workouts. Look for a gym buddy who exhibits the necessary qualities to fit your needs.

Step 3

Note the times when you typically visit the gym and times you would be available. Look for a gym partner with a similar schedule so you can easily find time to work out together.

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