Having a gym buddy can be fun and useful. You have someone to spot for you, motivate you and hang out with for a cuppa after your workout. Research has also shown that if you work out with a friend, you’ll put in an extra 34 minutes on average during your exercise sessions. How do you pick a gym buddy who will help you and not distract you?

If you just need a cheerleader

If you just want to be consistent in making it to the gym, someone whom you get along with will make a good training partner. This helps you to be accountable as you’re not likely to skip a workout when someone will be waiting for you. They can also check your form and offer new ideas for improving your training.

What you need is someone who is not focused on the gym social scene but on the training programme. The last thing you want to do is spend your workout hour talking about his latest break-up or his boss-from-hell stories.

If you are serious about training

However, if your training goals are more focused and you want to make progress, find a partner who has more experience or knowledge in the areas of training that you want to improve than you. Also, it would be important to find a partner who shares similar goals as you. If you want bigger arms and he is just trying to drop some weight, your routines will conflict.

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