Workout partners push you to perform better in the gym, but life partners help you in various other ways.

One is such a lonely number. Two is always better than one. Just ask Kyle Hunt and Katie Bopp, fitness professionals and models who know a thing or two about being successful in this highly competitive industry. How do they stay in great shape year round? They hit the weight room, the treadmill, and the foam roller together.

Couples training offers a variety of benefits, the least of which is sharing time with your significant other.

Engaging in activity that requires a team effort ensures that the fruits of labor are doubled. Kyle and Katie find working out together effective because they are able to push each other to train harder.

They make many exercises easier for one another by using manual resistance instead of weights, watching each other during certain lifts to ensure proper technique is being used and making corrections when needed. There are words of encouragement, shared moments of struggle and victory, and bonds that strengthen deeper than muscle.

Tag teaming in the gym is also fun for these hard bodies. Kyle and Katie testify that some of the best times they have together come in their hour and a half gym dates of pumping iron, sprinting on treadmills and stretching each other out.

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