Exercise 1

Reverse Lunge With Chest Pass

Reps: 5 (Each Leg)

Face your partner with about three yards between you. Hold a medicine ball at chest height. Step back with your right leg and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Come back up to standing position and throw the ball to your partner. Now he performs a rep. Record the time it takes to complete one set.

Exercise 2

Jump Rope

Time: 30 Seconds

Count the number of jumps you achieve in the time allotted. As soon as you’re done, your partner jumps.

Exercise 3

Inverted Row

Time: 30 Seconds

Lie underneath a bar (you can set one up in a power rack or use the bar in a Smith machine) and grab it with an overhand grip, outside shoulder width. Allow your body to hang under the bar, a few inches above the floor. Now squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull yourself straight up. Have your partner record your reps, then you record his.

Exercise 4

Situp With Medicine-Ball Pass

Reps: 10

Grab a medicine ball and sit on the floor, facing your partner with your feet touching and knees bent. Lie back with the ball against your chest, then sit up, and pass the ball to your partner. He does the same. Record the time it takes to complete a set.

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