The perfect gym pal system is not only for a more fun workout session. While it is one of the top reasons to get a buddy to join your workouts, there are few more reasons that might convince you that hitting the gym with a pal is a good idea.

1. You’ll be more motivated.

Don’t feel like working out after work? It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it’s another to cancel on your friend—someone who’s counting on you. Even more, after three or four weeks, once you’re in the habit, you won’t even think about canceling on your friend.

2. You can help each other.

Going to the gym together or meeting up there does not matter as long as you are there for each other when you’re taking turns leading new exercises, switching up the routine, helping with the weights as well as not letting the other one give up before completing those last 5 push-ups.

3. You’ll learn and dare more.

Maybe you know a brutal leg lunge that you used to do on your own? Teach it to your buddy one day, and the next, let him teach you something new. Your body adapts and becomes efficient at moves that you’ve done again and again. The more you change up your workout, the better your body is going to respond.

4. You’ll work out harder.

Whenever you’re working out with someone else, the intensity is always going to be greater than when you’re alone. One key tip when picking your partner: Your athletic abilities should be in the same ballpark. If you’re on the same level, you can push each other.

5. You’ll always have a spotter.

Never again will you have to count your own reps. Your gym pal will motivate you to breathe through the pain of the remaining squats. Use your spotter to keep an eye on your form as you work, too. It will serve as a guarantee you are completing the exercises correctly while avoiding injuries.

6. Your environment will help you to be more fit.

Researchers at Harvard University found that you can “catch” obesity (along with smoking habits and happiness) because it spreads like an infectious disease. If you’re surrounded by people who are active and eat well, there’s a good chance you’re going to do the same!

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