Should you get a workout partner? How can you be a good partner? Bodybuilding is most definitely not a team sport.

In fact, many of us have gravitated to it from sports like football or wrestling because we hungered for an athletic venue where we would take on the sole responsibility of success or failure. There would be no one to point the finger at in blame if we failed to reach our goals, and nobody either to take shared credit for victory. No, bodybuilding is all about you versus the merciless weights, a lone battle that is ultimately fought within oneself. But is this the best way to fight for bigger muscles and a more impressive physique?

Advantages To Training With A Partner

Safety And Confidence

Let’s be honest. There isn’t a single one of us who hasn’t felt at least a twinge of fear when attempting a new max on squats or bench presses, especially if we didn’t have a spotter. Truth be told, you’d be a fool not to be afraid. Lifting very heavy weights carries with it a significant risk of injury. Getting stuck is a possibility, and slipping just a couple centimeters “out of the groove” can spell disaster in the form of devastating lower back or shoulder injuries. Yet without constantly pushing to lift ever heavier weights, you simply can not continue to gain muscular bodyweight.


Many of you are already highly motivated, particularly if you are just starting out in the sport and are young, with few responsibilities outside of perhaps school and part-time work. Motivation is also effortless to sustain in the first couple years of training because results are regular and continuous. As the years go by, results are slower and harder to come by. There will even be periods of months where you struggle through plateaus, and no gains in size and strength are made.

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